Our pieces are designed and handcrafted in Puerto Rico from 100% virgin merino wool felt and handwoven neoprene cable. 



Merino Sheep’s produce wool that is valued for its strength, flexibility, and softness; qualities that go on to produce the extraordinary felt product that we use on our products.  Besides being a renewable and environmentally friendly resource, this material is highly resilient, wear resistant and will not ravel or fray.

Spot cleaning is the best way to treat most stains. Mix one-part white vinegar or mild detergent with one part of water and wet the spot. Gently pat the surface with paper towel to remove the moisture. Repeat as necessary.

Oil and food stains could be treated with baking soda.  Powder the stain and let it stand for 15 minutes then gently brush the powder off.



Neoprene rubber is very easy to take care of.  You can wash our necklaces and bag handles with water and a mild detergent then pat them dry with a smooth cloth.