Our founders and designers, Zammary Reyes, Jeniffer Selosse and Lizzie Muñoz.

Lizzie Muñoz-Storer
As an interior designer in her early professional life, Lizzie’s passion for passion for space, design and color moved her to pursue an architectural degree later on. Traveling to know other cultures is her hobby, recycling and animal rescue are her deep concerns. She describes herself as a resourceful thinker with a designer mind.
 JEN 2
 Jeniffer Selosse
Detail oriented designer who never settles for anything less than exceptional. After completing her B. Arch in 2008 and receiving the AIA Henry Adams Medal, Jen decided to focus on interior architecture. As a working mom of two, who manages day to day life situations, for her aesthetics and function go hand in hand. She loves designing for kids; industrial and graphic design are her passions.
Zammary Reyes
While she holds an MPA in Human Resources, Zam is an enthusiast of landscape architecture and art in various mediums. This passion moves her to stroll frequently through parks and museums which brings inspiration for her designs. Zam moved with her husband and kid to New Jersey in 2015, where she is enjoying a new life adventure at the Garden State.